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MMBS is in constant cooperation and non-stop communication with our customers in order to properly identify their needs so that we are able to offer the most professional, flexible and personalized solution for the company, business or organization.


Our Values

Our company’s values constitute one of the most important keys to our success. They define our business culture and shape our behavior towards our colleagues, clients and partners.

One of our main goals is to help implement your own values as well while also aiming at our common success.

Honesty is a fundamental principle upon which our company operates. It is the primary factor in our relationship with the customer and is a prerequisite for achieving excellent and long-term partnerships.

Business Spirit
Taking initiatives and implementing them is an important part of our mentality, indicating to our clients that we want to contribute to their success every day.

Responsibility is a very important factor in our cooperation with our customers, employees and partners and the implementation of our projects. We know that it is impossible to avoid mistakes. But we are focused on fixing them quickly and with the least possible consequences.

Quality is interwoven with our work. The quality of services, specialized human resources and the continuous training, education and research for new, more modern and more effective solutions are the factors that establish us daily in the market of service providing companies.


 Address: Thesi Gropa Kirilos - Aspropirgos

 Phone: 210 55 99 000


 Address: Leoforos Athinon 312 – Chaidari

 Phone: +30 21 0582 1121 & +30 210 582 1122

 Email: info@mmbusinesssolutions.gr


 Address: Serifou 87 – Larisa

 Phone: +30 2410 616 262

 Email: info@mmbusinesssolutions.gr


 Address: Glinou 38 – Evosmos

 Phone: +30 2310 588 188

 Email: info@mmbusinesssolutions.gr


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