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At MMBS Solutions we have developed wholesome service systems that result in providing our customers with a single solution service plan by offering:

  • Reduction of the total operating costs
  • Guarantee of high quality services
  • Constant upgrading of services – solutions
  • Simplification of all management procedures
  • Flexibility of procedures
  • Increase in worker productivity and efficiency

Some of our activities are.

Packaging – Repackaging

Picking - Scanning


Insertion – Disposal



Lifting machines operators

Other auxiliary tasks

Our qualified staff can meet all the manual labor needs of your company.


MMBS is in constant cooperation and non-stop communication with our customers in order to properly identify their needs so that we are able to offer the most professional, flexible and personalized solution for the company, business or organization:

  • Flexible number of employees according to demand
  • Fixed staff costs
  • Pay only the actual hours of work
  • We take over the responsibility of all the deadlines concerning labor law
  • Coverage of seasonal needs
  • Replacement of workers during the leave period
  • Trial period for new employees
  • Projects with a predetermined duration
  • Lack of skills in existing employees


 Address: Thesi Gropa Kirilos - Aspropirgos

 Phone: 210 55 99 000


 Address: Leoforos Athinon 312 – Chaidari

 Phone: +30 21 0582 1121 & +30 210 582 1122

 Email: info@mmbusinesssolutions.gr


 Address: Serifou 87 – Larisa

 Phone: +30 2410 616 262

 Email: info@mmbusinesssolutions.gr


 Address: Glinou 38 – Evosmos

 Phone: +30 2310 588 188

 Email: info@mmbusinesssolutions.gr


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